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Sanadome experience

So last weekend we went to this spa in Nijmegen. It was a great experience though I can't say I left stressless. The food was horrible but the facilities and the services were relatively good. It's up for repetition.

Out of the blue

Two saturdays ago, I met with this friend, completely out of the blue. It was supposed to be for just a brief get together but we ended up walking the entire afternoon through the city. It was fun, we just walked, talked and acted goofy (well she did, cuz as you folks know, I'm a very serious person:) and didn't even notice how much time had passed, until we realised all the shops were closing. Bottomline is that we had a very pleasant day, I'm looking forward to having more of those!


Lucretia van der Vloot

So yesterday me and this friend went to the soul cabaret show of Lucretia van der Vloot in Bijlmerparktheater Amsterdam. I have to say we were both kind of sceptic about whether we were gonna like the show or not but it turned out to be very good. Her anecotes were very funny and her singing skills are amazing. All with all I do recommend her show and not just because we're kinda named the same. Check for dates

Dinner get together part 1

De eerste chef is aan de beurt geweest en het was een geweldige ervaring! Het eten was lekker, de sfeer was gezellig en iedereen leek tevreden en voldaan. Een geslaagde avond zou ik zeggen en het menu was een compleet succes. 

Wil jij ook je mening, ervaring of ideëen over het menu en de chef delen? Plaats dan een bericht in het gastenboek. Ben je ook benieuwd naar wat andere uitgenodigden vonden en met hun van gedachten willen wisselen, maak dan hiervoor gebruik van het forum 'dinner get together; rating the menu'. 

Ik vind in ieder geval dat deze eerste chef het super heeft gedaan gezien zijn nervositeit dat hij als eerste de spits heeft moeten afbijten. Hij heeft zich meer dan goed staande gehouden en mag dan ook zeker trots zijn op zichzelf.

Hiermee heeft hij  mischien wel de lat erg hoog gelegd voor de volgende chefs in de rij inclusief mezelf maar als het maar gezellig en lekker is toch? We hoeven niet allemaal de chefkok te zijn. Bovendien is het geen wedstrijd want er valt niks te winnen. Ik ben nu wel erg benieuwd naar wat de andere chefkoks en chefkokkins in petto hebben. Jullie ook?

Rating the menu

Originality: 9

Presentation: 9 

Taste: 9

Hospitality: 8

Punctuality: 6

Totaalcijfer: 8,5


Extra halve punt verdiend omdat hij zijn nagerecht nooit eerder had gemaakt en het toch gelijk perfect deed.

Appetizer: melon slices with smoked ham

Main course : Saoto soup with rice, baked potatoes, boiled eggs, dried crispy baked onions, celery, bean sprouts and bali kroepoek

Dessert: pumpkin pancakes with bourbon ice cream

Walk along part I

It was an entertaining experience although I would have liked to take some more time to enjoy the landscape. Such a shame walking in pure nature and not have the time to take it all in. All together, it was a good amusing day, I laughed a lot en chatted a lot. Looking forward to the next walk along weekend, and Tri thanks for accompanying me.

So long,



Apparently every year there is this jazz concert in the city of 's Hertogenbosch. This year we went there to enjoy the music and the scenery. Not that I am a fan of jazz, but the music had something soothing about it. The weather was ok and the sun stayed up long enough. Spread out through the entire centrum were these small jazz bands, at every streetcorner, roundabout and inlet. All for free, you could just stop and listen and then move on to the next one. The atmosphere was also good, the crowd seemed to be happy, probably because of the weather and maybe also because there was a football game that evening which was being sent out in the local clubs. It was a good experience, who knew jazz could be so calming.