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Welcome to my site

I've created this site in order to show people the wide range of fun activities there are out there just waiting to be experienced. If you're wondering how this site could be of any relevance to you, ask yourself the next question: "Tired of going to the same dancing club just so you and your friends can have a good time together?"

Well, It's time to broaden your horizon and experience new exciting group activities to undertake, alone or with others. Whether you are a thrill seaker or more of a laid back type, I can asure you there is an activity out there with just the right ingredients to meet your needs and this is the best will be a lot of fun too!

My intention with this site is to bridge the gap between fun activities and a fun seeking audience. I will restrict myself to the Netherlands since there is where I live. I've come to find there are a lot of fun stuff you can do together here in Holland and not everybody knows that. That's where I come in, I wanna change that by sharing what I know with you so you'll have plenty of new ideas for your next group activity.

Are you excited about a particular activity but you can't find the time to arrange it all? I will do all the work for you! Use the tab 'sign up for an activity' and fill in what you're interested in, who you'd like to go with, which date and time works for you and what your price range is and I'll find you the perfect outdoor activity. All you will have to do after that is go and have fun. And if you did have fun indeed, share your experiences with us by using the tab 'how it was'.

To give you an idea, I will post some activities here but keep in mind these are just a glimpse of all the possible adventurous activities to undertake together. To know more, check out the the tab 'links' and 'when&where' for place, date and time.

Can't find anything of your interest but you have some ideas of your own? Share them with me by signing the guestbook. Any other constructive comments or tips are welcome as well. For now, thank you for visiting my site and I hope you liked what you saw, enough to subscribe for an activity.

Keep up the fun stuff!