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I´ve had the same good intention several times now, to work out more often and to eat healthier. It should become a natural thing,  a part of life, something you do without thinking it through. For a while I seem to be able to keep it up, but I haven´t found the key yet to make it a natural part of my life. It shouldn´t be that difficult since I actually like going to the gym and being outside. So why is it so hard to keep up then? I don´t have a clue, still trying to find that out. What do you think?



January 24, 2009 at 1:27 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Because this specific one requires a lot of effort in relation to not giving an immediate reward. Everything that takes too long to see positive results from gets boring and demotivates.

But hey, that's just my opinion..:p 



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According to dr. Phil the wole 'where there's a wish there's a road' doesn't apply. You want to succesfully keep up with something, you need to plan it. No more waiting for motivation or the right inspiration because life is filled with excuses to block your good intentions. So, the advise is: start organizing. I will myself, starting...tomorrow.

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