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Up until now I thought handsfree driving is not a problem for experienced drivers. Still, I have always been a little sceptic about it. Me, I don't do it. I switch my phone off every time I get behind the wheels but then again, I am not an experienced driver.


After watching the Oprah show on texting and driving my scepticism grew and I now openly doubt that handsfree driving is completely safe. Like a woman in the show said: "It's not about where your hands are, it's about where your head is". I couldn't help but agree with her but my brother doesn't agree with me. He's convinced there's absolutely no way handsfree driving can destract you from paying attention to the road. After all, your eyes and hands are still in place.


We had this very extensive discussion on the phone (ironically, this conversation took place while he was driving handsfree). He has some good points but he didn't convince and neither did I convince him, so I now wonder what others think of this. Is handsfree driving safe or are we fooling ourselves?

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