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Ariane Inden voor gezichtsbehandeling:

Elysium centre for well-being, in Bleiswijk. Compleet kuuroord met restaurant, maandag damesdag:

Thermae 2000 in Valkenburg, badpak behalve in sauna:

Saunadome in Nijmegen, badkleding verplicht, reserveren aangeraden:

Anti-stress weekend (Sanadome)

Het wordt Sanadome in Nijmegen en prijs is €189 p.p. in het geval van 2 personen en 1 overnachting van zaterdag op zondag inclusief ontbijt, dinnerbuffet en 2 dagen onbeperkt toegang tot de faciliteiten. Op zondag arriveren is goedkoper en doordeweeks heeft ook andere prijzen.

Still, it looks good, expensive but good. Last minute reservations are a lot cheaper, arriving on saturday will cost around € 79 p.p. maar dan is het niet zeker of met name de massage faciliteiten beschikbaar zullen zijn.

Een weekendretour leiden cs naar nijmegen met korting is €19,40 en dan nog 2 busstrippen. Duur reis is 2u en 22 minuten. Nou waarom deze mijn voorkeur heeft: 1) badkleding is verplicht (love that), 2) hotel and spa are in the same building, you don´t get anti-stresser then that.



I subscribed to this site a couple of months ago but has just now participated for the first time. Hey Tri, sounds familiar? I picked a hike on April 17th 2010 on the landscape of Lisse. The hike is 16km and ends with having a drink in Lisse. I am interested, are you? Becoming a member is free the first 3 hikes, after that it is only 3 euros a hike.


Dinner get together

Starting this 27 of March 2010, we're starting a new dinner tradition. Every month on the last saturday of the month we will all get together at one person's house who will cook for all of us. Everyone will bring their own drinks and one of us will be assigned to bring dessert. It's a dinner get together, a chance to meet with each other on a periodic basis and have a fun time together.

Check the when&where box to see each month who has been assigned to be the host(ess) of the evening. Adress information will not be posted here but can easily be acquired by phone or email. To find out what's going to be on the menu, visit the site frequently and check the activities updates. To share which host and menu you found the best, feel free to post a comment on the guestbook list or open a discussion in forum 'dinner get together, rating the menu'.



Ingaande op jullie verzoek, heb ik informatie gezocht over speeddaten. De komende maanden, voor de zomer, zijn er een aantal mogelijkheden. Ik heb gelet op nabijheid locatie, datum na salarisuitbetaling en doelgroep die avond.

Mogelijke locaties: Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Rotterdam. Mogelijke doelgroepen: eind-20ers & 30ers, 25-35, 30-45. Tijd aanvang in Amsterdam is 19.30; in Rotterdam en Utrecht is het 20.00

Hebben jullie interesse, reageer dan snel, dan zorg ik voor de inschrijving want de lijsten vullen zich snel. Oh, ik vergeet het meest belangrijkste: de prijs is: € 31.


Paintball & lasergame

Always wanted to experience what it would be like to be a living starwars? Or to put those action movie fantasies to the test? Well, no way better in doing so then by paintballing and lasergamen! You can choose between indoor or outdoor. Leave it to me to find you the ideal location, price information and theme. Do you want to join? Check the box 'sign up for an activity' and let me know your preferences. Price starts at €23.

Mini survival

The possibilities are endless here. Think about drving quads, mini motor, snowboarding on wheels, climbing and abseiling, XXL tabel games, driving formule 1 cars, sumo wrestling, gladiator fight in costume, headhunt, motorpeds, segway, carver, katapulting, cross bow shooting, scoot mobile, estafette and many many more.

It cannot get any crazier, you think, I'll probably find it. So put on your adventurous boots and no fear face and sign up for this activity. As soon as I get enough enthousiastic participants I'll inform on more details. You can submit your preferences, comments and or questions in the box 'sign up for an activity'. Price starts at €50.



Wanna add swing to your bowling evening? Go discobowling in the dark with spectacular lights and smoke effect, swinging music and lighting bowling pins. Sounds like fun huh? Sign up for this event if you're interested and I will post date and time info or visit the site: . Price starts at €30 a lane an hour, with a maximum of 7 people. In June, July and August two hours rate at the price of one hour but no discobowling available then. Ample variation in menu options. Discobowlen every friday and saturday after 22.00


Whether you wanna go on a small boat or a larger one, have a theme for the day and enjoy the surroundings or you are looking for a less ordinary way to have a late dinner outside, the possibilities are ample. To learn more, check the links under outdoor activities.

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